Welcome to Georgia's Journey

Georgia Lily Lucas was born at home on October 6th, 2008 4:15am, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) on April 1, 2009.

On April 3rd Georgia was taken home, to be near her sisters and the rest of her family and friends. Nearly three weeks later, on April 21, 2009, she died peacefully -- in the loving arms of her mother and in the same room in which she was born.

Monday, April 13, 2009

How does one face death?

How does one face death? It marched into my room the other night surprising us all with its speedy arrival. It stood behind me for several hours staring at the babe in my arms. Then, just as the sky was beginning to lighten it retreated back into the shadows where it bides its time. During those moments Mike and I thought that we were ready to let Georgia go but it cares not. It will be Georgia who makes that final decision and we will be but heartbroken bystanders. I do my best to face the days and nights with love and hope and never fear. So, how does one face death? I have no idea.

Georgia continues to rest peacefully. She had more awake time today and I am crossing my fingers that she'll have more tomorrow and maybe, just maybe feel the sunshine on Wednesday.


  1. Oh Kristen, I wish there was some book of answers for all the questions and situations you and your family are facing. A way of knowing what to expect, how to feel, how to grieve....but there is no right answer, no one way to feel or act and as you know, it is different for everyone. That being said you are standing up each day, for yourself, for Georgia, for Mike and the girls and you are carrying on-your ability to do that in the face of this crisis is truly incredible. I wish we could help, to shield some of the pain, to take it from your family when it is too much to bear but I know this is a situation noone can take away the pain but know we do share it with you. We are here, in love, with prayers and also crossing our fingers for the sun to shine, to give you more laughter and peaceful times with Georgia-you are always in our thoughts. Love Bruce and Em

  2. Hi Bruce and Emma,
    Just wanted to say that the girls really liked the presents you sent, the toy aquarium and the wind-up toys and the "bendy cinderella" were all huge hits. Calla and Maya have both spent HOURS playing with the aquarium.


  3. Dear Kristen,Mike,Calla,Maya,and Georgia

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God grant you the strength that you need for each and every day. May you feel Gods presense in yourlives and home at this most difficult time.
    We are praying that God will relieve little Georgia from pain and suffering and totally heal her body! Godis real and still performs miracles!
    Love the Laings,Turgeons,and Patenaudes from Regina

  4. Hello to everyone who comes here to follow the journey of Georgia and her family.

    Not long ago, after Georgia's birthday party, I had sent out an email to a large group of Kristen and Mike's family and friends. I now know that it did not even begin to encompass the ever-growing group of supporters that send Kristen and Mike, and their family, words of peace, strength and love every day. The email I sent was about organizing a tribute to Georgia.

    I was encouraged by many to add it here to this site for everyone to take a look at. So here it goes:

    And it began...

    Hi everyone,

    I did get to meet some of you at Georgia's birthday party tonight, and I did
    get to mention an idea I had to some people as well, and everyone seemed
    really receptive. But I thought I would send this email to see if anyone
    else would like to be a part of this.

    I couple of weeks ago I had been talking to Kristen one night and she
    mentioned that with all the cribs in the PICU, there was only something like
    four mobiles to go around. If I remember correctly, they even had to share
    with the NICU, I can't remember if I have that information absolutely
    accurate, but the point is, they could really use some mobiles, musical crib
    attachments, etc., and some age appropriate infant toys in general. There's
    always something that will be needed.

    I would like to put together a gift for the Children's Hospital, and I'll
    get more specific details very soon, specifically for the pediatric and
    neonatal units, that would include mobiles, musical devices, etc., but could
    also include a financial donation. If we end up with a large amount of
    money then it could also go towards the SMA Association. This would all be
    donated in Georgia's honor.

    So if anyone would like to participate, please email or call me. I can
    pick-up from anyone that wants me to pick-up or I can also set-up a drop-off
    spot at Krista Boulanger's house in Island Lakes, or items can be mailed to me as well. New or used items, or even monetory contributions
    would be awesome. We will put everything together, write one/two money orders and then will take it all at once. The bank account is almost ready to go for all of Georgia's monies.

    If you would like more information about the entirety of the donation situation or the bank account, need me to pick something up, would like
    an address to drop off at, or just have some questions in general, let me
    know, I won't make this email super long with every detail. I have already spoken to several people. I know some of
    you have already passed along items to Kristen already, so this is just an
    idea for anyone thinking about our little Georgia.

    Everyone loves you Georgia, stay so strong.

    Take care everyone,
    Kim Morris
    email: kimmorris@highspeedcrow.ca or kimberly.morris@rbc.com
    phone: 878-3450 / 990-5670

    And an update...already there is a very nice sum ready to be deposited. And there are also a few new musical crib devices.

    Take care, and I look forward to talking with some of you soon.


  5. You have been in my thoughts all evening. It's ironic that a sweet little girl that I don't even know can touch my heart in so many ways.
    I will be thinking of you all!

  6. Kristen, Mike and Family...
    I guess now comes the time where I cannot worry about keeping things personal and sending emails. The bloq is much easier when time is so precious. So I share my thoughts with everyone.
    I wish I could provide some coping advice for the anguish your struggling through.
    I can tell you that I am a spritual person but never terribly religious and I find myself picking up prayer books and looking on line for new insights of prayer. Ones for my children to share with me and some for me as I pray frequently for Georgia (and for your strength as parents). So I am human I don't know what to say or how to cope and your no different. People find strengths in various ways. I say tell the shadows to bugger off. But I have never been as gracious as you. We will all share in your loss as Georgia is very loved and special. But no one will experience the loss to the magnitude you will endure as parents. I promise you I cannot imagine but I think of you all daily. You are both gifted with compassion, love and leadership. You will determine how to face the lurking shadows. She is our Angel of wisdom and will forever be our angel of protection. She will comfort you with the next steps you will take. Remind yourself of how she represents peace and hope and family. And look to your friends and family when you need them even if they seem unable to provide calm. They may provide a change in the moment that empowers you to face your next moment. You are a family I look up to! You certainly have been very strong and united in your efforts to make Georgia comfortable. Everything you do counts!! You, Mike and the girls should continue to follow your hearts and your immediate instincts. Your courage is incredible.
    We all love you. Many hugs and heartfelt cuddles from all of us. Thank you for keeping us informed of her days. Your thoughtfulness goes a long way.
    Many hopes for a good night.
    Natalie Todd and the kids

  7. Kristen and Mike,

    Your family has been central in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for your continued strength and courage each day.
    As I drove down Island Lakes Dr last night it was so nice to see Lorna's Christmas lights twinkling for Georgia.
    It seemed to represent all of us that don't know you really well but are connected to your struggle as a mother and as a family.

    I hope you feel the sunshine today.

    Gretchen, Dale, Daniel, Emma and Noah Cantafio

  8. God Bless Georgia.
    Nand Kishore