Welcome to Georgia's Journey

Georgia Lily Lucas was born at home on October 6th, 2008 4:15am, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) on April 1, 2009.

On April 3rd Georgia was taken home, to be near her sisters and the rest of her family and friends. Nearly three weeks later, on April 21, 2009, she died peacefully -- in the loving arms of her mother and in the same room in which she was born.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birds in the Rain

Just before lunch today I opened one of our back curtains that had been left closed. It was pouring rain as I looked out into the backyard. It actually took a couple of moments for my eyes to adjust to what they were seeing. There were at least a dozen sparrows hopping around in one corner of the yard. My friend the robin was out there too but s/he was off on their own. Now, I'm sure that it isn't unusual to see a bunch a birds in a springtime downpour but it was slightly unusual for us. Besides the grass and one tree there is nothing in our backyard for the birds. Our tree isn't even budding yet. I even went up to the girls' room so that I could see everybody else's yards. No birds there!

Dr. Mike once told us that he knows a family that believes that their deceased loved one often sends the birds. As he was telling us that I was thinking about how I have seen more birds since Georgia's passing then I have ever seen in my life. Every time that I visit Georgia's gravesite I am always greeted by at least one bird and I'm not referring to those noisy geese. : ) The best was the hawk that circled silently overhead for what seemed like ages. Now, there are many plausible explanations for this but I like that family's idea. Feel free to call me crazy. I accept craziness just like I accept my grief. In fact, I don't believe that anyone can lose a child without taking on at least a little bit of craziness.

Thank you to my friend Victoria Strong who made up a flyer about SMA with Georgie's pictures on it. Victoria is Gwendolyn's mom and for those of you who don't know she and her husband are the people who started the petition. You can learn more about them at www.gwendolynstrong.com If anyone would like a copy of the flyer please let us know and I will email it to you.

Love to you all,



  1. Kristen, would love a copy of the flyer so that I can help out. Please send it to lproko@shaw.ca


  2. Kristen, I would like a copy as well please, email, jmlrpma@hotmail.com I want you to know that the SMA group on Facebook has now had over 200 people join since I joined a couple of weeks ago. The word is spreading and we will keep it going...

    I love that the birds are in your yard! Were they in the corner that wiill be Georgia's Memory Garden? We have lots of birds in our backyard as well and they even nest there now. We had baby bluebirds last year... I hope they have little ones again this summer... There will be a whole new meaning to the birds now... Thanks for sharing that story...

    Auntie Mary Lynn and Uncle John

  3. Just wanted to let you know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    I had signed the petition immediately after finding out about it, but I never thought of getting my husband and childrens' signatures as well. So, now 5 more signatures have been added to the petition.

    I have also posted a plea for people to sign the petition from my blog here.

  4. Hi Guys,
    Hope you have a nice week-end and the sun shines and lifts your spirits. Anymore visits from your bird friends? I also believe our feathered friends visit us for a reason. I have some sparrows building a nest in our yard, wait til Tori, Jessica and Dylan come to play. They`ll probably scare them off with their shouts and screams of laughter.

    May you find peace and laughter with Calla and Maya this week-end.

    Love Carol

  5. Just wanted to say that I too believe that birds are a sign of our loved ones who have passed. I often go to visit my grandfather's grave and the 2 times I cried my eyes out a hawk circled overhead and not another bird was in sight or came by after. I also feel that my grandfather comes to me in feathers. When I think of him and I am having ones of those "why did you leave me" days or its a special event like my birthday . . . I find a feather in my path.

    Grieving is never easy . . . .just keep her memory alive and she will always be with you.

    May you find feathers in your path and birds in your yard always.