Welcome to Georgia's Journey

Georgia Lily Lucas was born at home on October 6th, 2008 4:15am, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) on April 1, 2009.

On April 3rd Georgia was taken home, to be near her sisters and the rest of her family and friends. Nearly three weeks later, on April 21, 2009, she died peacefully -- in the loving arms of her mother and in the same room in which she was born.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Calla!

Dearest Calla,
Six years ago I held you in my arms for the first time in a state of shock. Your full head of 'yellow' hair was quite the sight and your eyes were unbelievably huge. I had no doubt that you were mine however and my heart grew in a way that I never thought possible.

At six years old you love to sit on the couch, cuddle and read stories. I love to read to you and love it even more when you now surprise me by doing the reading.
We love that you still believe in fairies, magic and unicorns.
We love that you are kind and helpful.
We love that you think the Winnipeg winter isn't long enough and are sad to see the snow go! : )
We love watching you skate, swim and swing from the bars at gymnastics.
We love that you are cautious and always stop to grab our hand before crossing the street. We love that you still aren't embarassed by holding our hands.
We love that you always give us hugs and kisses good-bye and good-night.
We love the way that you take each and every new situation in stride with a sense of calm that I find mind blowing.
We love that at six years old you understand that the bonds of love extend beyond what one can see and feel.
We love that despite this last year you are a fun-loving little girl with a huge imagination.
We love that depite our faults you continue to trust and love us with a maturity beyond your years.

Happy Sixth Birthday Calla Wendy! We love you to the moon and back!

Love Mommy, Daddy, Maya and Georgie


  1. Happy Birthday Calla!!
    I still remember when your Mom phoned to tell us she had a little girl, and how excited she was! You certainly changed your Mom and Dad's life then, as you continue to do. You are such a special little girl and I sure wish we got to spend more time with you. Tori loved having you stay with us this summer and how well you played with her. You were so willing to share your ponies and help her when you could. You have such a sweet spirit and are so gentle and kind.

    We hope you have a wonderful day and a special six year old birthday!! What a fun year it will be and we can't wait to see you again.

    Love Bruce, Emma, Tori and Jess

    Your "little girl" is 6, I truly can't believe it! You have done such an amazing job raising her and especially over this last year as you are dealing with so much you have still shown her what love and family truly means. Of course not life lessons anyone wants or should have to learn, but you took them and taught your girls so much through them. They will always know Georgia as such a special sister, with them always even though not here on Earth.

    I hope you have a fun-filled, laughter-filled and most importantly love-filled day today!! We are certainly thinking of you all!

    Love Em
    (ps, the 'deal' post brought tears to my eyes. Georgia truly was such a wise little one and knew what you needed at the time. I have no doubt she still does and is sending you so much love and hugs right now at such a hard time of year. I know the memories, feelings, fears are all flooding back..but I know she is sending you extra strength and love to get through them...as are all of 'us'!)

  2. Happy birthday Calla! The 14th is my 2nd daughter`s birthday too - she turned 7 :)