Welcome to Georgia's Journey

Georgia Lily Lucas was born at home on October 6th, 2008 4:15am, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) on April 1, 2009.

On April 3rd Georgia was taken home, to be near her sisters and the rest of her family and friends. Nearly three weeks later, on April 21, 2009, she died peacefully -- in the loving arms of her mother and in the same room in which she was born.

Monday, April 19, 2010


We brought Georgia home on April 3rd and of course she passed away on April 21st. We wish to thank all of the people that have surrounded us with support and compassion this past year. The journey that we have travelled has not been easy and yet we remain strong. Please do not feel bad for us or take pity on us. I have said it many times before and will continue to say it, Georgia was a gift, a most beautiful and precious gift. It was a priveledge to have carried her for nine months and an honour to have cared for her for another six. As a special someone once told me, "A short life is no less meaningful than a long one." Indeed, Georgia's short life has had a huge impact on so many and we hope that you will continue to remember her.

We won't be here on Wednesday as we are coccooning ourselves once more. We love all of the support but the awkward pauses and pitying looks are just as uncomfortable for us as they are for you. So we are taking off, just the four of us, hoping to have a wonderful family day. I hope that for those of you that have been touched by Georgia's story that you will take a moment to reflect not just on Georgia but also on the many lessons that we can learn from her life and her death.

I have uploaded several pictures tonight that some of you may or may not have seen before. They are all dated last April and I hope will serve as a reminder for all of the joy that one can encounter in the most difficult of circumstances. Enjoy.

Love to you all,
PS A few people have asked about the cemetary and the grave is clearly marked. It is back behind the pond and off to the left if you are looking at it.


  1. The pics brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face all at the same time. Georgia has touched, and continues to touch, so many lives including mine each and every day. She has taught me to appreciate life, to appreciate each and every person in my life even more than I ever did and I thank her for that. You are incredible parents who I wish never had to go through this pain, but I am always amazed to see how strong you are and the incredible way you have handled each and every situation it has presented. You have taught your girls about the gift of family, how it lasts forever and how love transcends this Earth.
    I am so proud of you all, and I know Georgia is smiling down on you all and hoping your days are filled with love and laughter.
    I hope your time away is filled with peace, and you feel Georgia's love filling you with peace and comforting you when you need it. Love and hugs, Em

  2. Such a precious little girl. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Sweet girl. We will be lighting a candle to remember her and celebrate her life.


  4. Beautiful!

    Stacey, Dean, Ariel, and Isaac

  5. Your precious Georgia will be remembered always. Hugs, Lisa

  6. We will be thinking of you all tomorrow and wishing you the best. We both still follow your blog, just don't comment much. We will always remember your family and your example of strength and perseverance as well as love and compassion. Kate and John

  7. My thoughts are with you Mike and the girls today.

    All my love

  8. Thinking of you guys today and hope you're able to find some peace and that you have that wonderful family day you were planning for!

  9. Beautiful pictures Kristen! Thinking of you guys today. We'll say an extra little prayer tonight for you all!

    Lots of Love!
    The Laarvelds

  10. Baby Georgia,

    The girls and I have related our memories of you so much over the last year. They often talk about you among themselves too and it makes me smile, often through tears, to think how deeply you touched their lives. You will always have a very special place in our hearts.
    We miss you! We know you'll continue to let your Mommy, Daddy and sisters know you are thinking of them by bringing the birds, music and pennies to them whenever they need it.
    The girls hope you got the balloons we sent you today!

    Laura (Macy & Addy)

    Thinking of you guys to Kristen, Mike, Calla & Maya.

  11. Thinking of you and your angel in heaven.


  12. Kristen,

    As I was reading my Today’s Parent magazine the other day, I came upon a section called “Reader with a cause”. Readers are invited to submit their stories in support of a Canadian charity that is important to them. The monthly winner's charity is given $2000 and a chance to win an additional $8000. With your mission to support SMA research through Georgia’s Journey of Hope and your inspiring way of sharing your life through your writing, I thought that you might be interested in submitting. For all I know, you probably already have! But just in case, I wanted to make sure to pass along the information. I think that it would be quite the opportunity to raise more awareness about SMA (I had never heard of it before Georgia) and support the cause that is so very important to you. You can find more information at forkidssakeawards.com if you’re interested.

    Je souhaite que tu ressentiras un sens de paix durant cette journée difficile.

    Jennifer (Varennes)

  13. Absolutely beautiful pictures of Georgia and her lovely, loving family. Thank you for sharing them. We are thinking of you all. Take care of each other and safe home.

    Tanya, Kerry, Jacob & Sarah

  14. Beautiful pictures Kristen thank-you for sharing them. We are thinking of you all and sending you thoughts of love and peace as you honour and remember precious Georgia today on her angel date and always. We have asked Emersyn to give Georgia extra hugs and kisses from us and send some your way too! We have lit a candle for sweet Georgia tonight as we honour her wonderful life. Georgia must be so proud of her very special and amazing family xo

    Much love and many prayers to all of you,
    Melanie, Jason and our angel Emersyn

  15. We've been thinking of you guys these past couple of days. All our love, hugs and kisses! Love Rick, Paula, Emma and Maggie